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Lesson Six()

    Two little eyes to look around,
    Two little ears to hear each sound,
    One little nose to smell what's sweet,
    One little mouth that likes to eat.

Lesson Seven(߿)

     I'm a little teapot short and stout
    Here is the handle, here is the spout 
    When I get steamed up then I shout 
    Tip me over and pour me out.

Lesson Eight(ڰ˿)

    How many people live at your house?
    one, my father;
    two, my mother;
    three, my sister;
    four, my brother;
    There's one more,now let me see!
    Oh, yes, of course, it must be me!

Lesson Nine(ھſ)

     Two little hands go clap, clap, clap.
     Two little feet go tap, tap, tap
     Two little hands go thump,thump,thump.
     Two little feet go jump jump jump.
     One little body turns around.
     One little child sits quietly down.

Lesson Ten(ʮ)

    Three little monkeys jumping on the bed,
    One fell off and bumped his head.
    Mama called the doctor and the doctor said:
    No more little monkeys jumping on that bed.


ձ̬ (37 )

2018-11-29 12:05
̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫.̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫.̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫ ...


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